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Hi. For the next 6 months, my wife and I will be in Troncones, Mexico, very far away from the Twin Cities urban landscape that has been my fishing home base for the past 5 years. Our cozy village is a popular, though an off the beaten path destination for surfers. Now, it will be an off the beaten path fishing home base for this Twin Cities urban fly fisherman. This blog will chronicle our fishing adventures in the Pacific surf, as well as my art making,. We’ll probably throw in a ton of random “we’re living at a cat sanctuary, in the jungle, on the Pacific Ocean, in a small Mexican village” pictures that depict our new every day life. I invite you, especially friends and family, to occasionally check in and email (johnpiacquadio@gmail.com).

No fishing today, but we did find this jungle bug in our bedroom (if anyone can identify it, drop me a line). The front end is very grasshopper-looking, but crossed with a leaf-bug, and something else I can’t put my finger on yet.

#bug #troncones #mexico #jungle #insect

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